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Our space is not a regular lakeside cottage with freshly painted white rooms. It's a place we have curated with love, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, persistence and courage. Every fully-equipped suite and room (over 20+) has its own character & charm, and every level of the surrounding area has a different landscape and purpose.

You can find spacious indoor spaces that encourage group bonding and experiences, curated corners for rest and deeper connection, as well as expansive outdoor spaces that invite you to connect to nature and within. We also provide a variety of wellness and healing activities on-site, upon request.  It's truly a place where you can enjoy the perfect combination of connection, privacy and rest.

The core mission of the Green Nest lodge is to provide an expansive space for retreat leaders and healers from different modalities to co-create and support expansive and transformational experiences for their communities.

- holly carroll

"The Green Nest Lodge is a very magical place. I had the most amazing stay there. Each room had its own magic and there were these special areas all around for different things."

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The creator of the Green Nest Lodge, Sandra Chan, is a serial entrepreneur and wellness expert.

As a previous tech-entrepreneur and international yoga teacher, Sandra received her life calling during her trip in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica -- to create a safe haven for people to rewind, reset, heal and co-create transformational experiences to raise the awareness and vibration of our society. 

When Sandra first visited this lakeside property, she was enchanted by the echoing sound of the Lake in the Winter (hence called the Lakes of Spirits) and didn't realize she has been standing in -20 degrees for 30 minutes in awe!

As a city girl, Sandra took a leap of faith & took on this huge project in cottage country-- transforming the 6000 sq. space and 2 acres of land with her trauma-informed  wellness background and a huge amount of love and perseverance into what is now the Green Nest Lodge & Retreat, where most guests can feel the serenity when they first step foot onto the property.

"May you find the peace, clarity and courage that has always been within you and feel nurtured when you come unwind and reset at the Green Nest Lodge! "

How it all started...


Our mission is to bring more light into the world through transformative, expansive experiences...The ones that light up your spirit and raise your vibration! 

Whether this is your first time or 100th time hosting a retreat or event, we are here to support you bringing more light into this world with more ease & abundance!

Join us in our Leader of Light Retreat Leader Community and let's shine together! 

if there’s one thing we’ve realized on our journey, it’s that you can only do so much alone, but together – the possibilities are limitless. 

We offer more than just a venue, we offer life-changing experiences that will connect you with your highest self.

Our focus is on curating an experience from start to finish while infusing it with soulful experiences that will light up the world. 

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Our team from LuminationX can help you with planning your special event, celebration or retreat. Get in touch with us!

LuminationX events at Green Nest Lodge

The Green Nest Lodge was created with a vision of providing a spacious venue for illuminating, expansive and transformative experiences.

We are honoured to host & co-create the following impactful events in our space with our sister company LuminationX and the "Leaders of Lights" retreat leaders we work with!

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Airbnb rate is only for vacation rental. Book with us directly to save on platform booking fee!
Please inquire directly for retreats, weddings and events. 

Check our listing on Airbnb to see availability. 

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*Please note that we only accept booking of the whole property. If you would like to book a room or a bed, join the retreats hosted by our LuminationX Leader of Light.

leader of light partnership program

In partnership with LuminationX, we offer exclusive rates & perks for retreat leaders in our Leader of Light community to host transformational retreats at Green Nest Lodge to make the world a brighter place.

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